Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Year 13 Hazards exam in January

To your delight, you have 'Global trends in hazards and hazard management' as your generalisation to be examined in January. To kick off this post, here's a list of possible essay titles. Remember what I said, all questions are a variation of the generalisation, so they should not be a complete surprise!

Possible titles...
  • Critically evaluate the view that natural hazards appear to be occurring with increasing frequency
  • To what extent can hazard prediction reduce the effects of hazards?
  • Evaluate the future issues associated with living with natural hazards.
  • Using a range of natural hazards comment on our future ability to predict and reduce their effects
  • How effective is hazard prediction in reducing hazard impact?
  • Comment on the assertion that the future of hazard management will rely on reducing their effects rather than their causes.
  • Critically assess the statement that natural hazards are occurring more frequently.
  • For a range of hazards outline prediction methods currently used and assess their effectiveness
  • What are the issues surrounding the use of prediction as a "solution" for hazard management?
  • To what extent can technology improve hazard prediction? Illustrate your answer with reference to at least three types of hazard.
  • Discuss the view that it is not possible to prevent hazards but only to lessen their impacts.
  • With reference to two contrasting types of hazards, examine the extent to which prediction can reduce the impacts.
  • With reference to a range of prediction schemes evaluate their success.

As with your coursework reports, I shall keep adding relevant information to this post to support your independent research. Keep checking it for updates!


Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Beth. Just wondered if you managed to look through that mock atall?

Miss Blackmore said...

Hi Beth!

Some things to consider for Monday...

Introduction has to do three things, rephrase the question, define the key terms and give a framework for the essay. For the framework you say which case studies you are using and why you chose them. Think how they are going to help you to answer the question. In your framework, mention the fact that you have chosen them from a range of locations (MEDC/LEDC) and a range of scales (local/national/international). Alex used the quote about how many people have died as a result of natural hazards over the last 10 years in her introduction which was good, but don't forget source and date! Practice some introductions from the past exam questions.

Spend your first 5-10 minutes think about how you will tackle the question. This could be in a spider diagram before you start your essay. The examiner will be used to seeing some sort of plan. Think about what your lines of arguments are going to be and how you are going to use your case studies to back them up.

Don't forget, after each line of argument have a sentence or two that sums up what you are talking about. It could be started like 'This argument supports/does not support the question because....'

Refer to your sources where possible eg, The Guardian, BBC News, Skinner, 2003 etc.

Conclusion draw together all of your case studies, with reference to them, and provides a final answer to the question looking at all the evidence. Make it clear that issues are hazard management are complex and depend on many factors such as speed of onset, frequency, preparedness, education etc. I'll make a post on these in a bit.

Beth, can you tell the others if you have their numbers or facebook, whatever, to check the blog for the list of factors that affect the success of hazard management??

I'll do it this evening so will be there tomorrow. I'll post other bits as the weekend goes on as well. I haven't seen any exam timetables, is it am or pm?

Miss B