Thursday, 1 January 2009

Year 11 Decision Making Exam January 2009

Here is the Task Booklet that we will be using in lessons alongside the Resource Booklet (from the exam board) to help prepare for you DME on Monday 26th January. We have only 3 weeks to use the booklets to prepare for this exciting event! You will receive a paper copy of this bumper book, but it would be a good idea for you to download a copy as well as there are many useful links that can easily be used from a electronic version.


Becky =D said...

hi i was just wandering what are the disadvantages of some of the sites for liverpool, coz im confussed i can think of good points and bad points for all..cheers miss =D

Becky said...

hi i was just wandering what are the disadvantages of some of the sites for liverpool, i have advantages but im confussed which is the best...can u give me some tips please...Cheers Miss

Miss Blackmore said...

Hi Becky

I didn't bring the DME resource book home but can remember most of it!

When you are thinking about the redevelopment plans 1-6, think about how many different groups of people might benefit. It could be seen as a disadvantage if only one group of people will benefit from an expensive redevelopment. Carefully consider the redevelopment of the Lime Street train station (site 5?). It could be great to redevelop the waterfront sites but if the transport network is inadequate people won't visit. Also, think about the public image of the city. You could have a great shopping mall but if the train station has degenerated and is a site of crime/homelessness it could be intimidating and put people off visiting the city. For each plan, think about how they match with the vision for Liverpool (resource 8).

That might be some help! Post any other questions if you have them. I'll check the blog in between each of the celebrities skating in Dancing on Ice!!

Becky =D said...

Cheers miss :P if it comes up with state 1 u will redevelope can u say...

to get the most of the area i will redevelope the whole area in phases which will bring more people to the area and make the area more substainable as there will be more money from the extra business and the redevelopement will make the area look modern and vibrant

cheers :P

Miss Blackmore said...

Yes, the idea of a phased approach is that you can ensure that a smaller scale development is successful rather than wasting money on a wholesale redevelopment of a city which might not be successful. You could say that it follows the lessons learnt by Birmingham's regeneration where it was done in stages (check back through the birmingham resource - think it's 7a).

On the slideshow above and in your task booklet slide/page 8, read through and try to remember all the things that make a city sustainable. Try to relate your decisions back to those bullet points.

Hope that makes sense!