Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Year 10 ICT lesson: Revisiting Development

You have today's lesson to put together a PowerPoint presentation that explores a development indicator of your choice. Be creative, however, and try to choose one that is a bit different to those that we have studied previously!

What to include?

1. Use gapminder (click on 'Gapminder World') to explore any relationships between your development indicator, and other indicators of development. Use the drop down lists on the two axis to select your indicator and the one(s) that you want to compare with. Include a copy of any graphs that you have created, and write a description to describe and explain what it shows.

2. Use worldmapper to create a map of your development indicator and its global pattern. Again, make sure that you include a copy of the map, with a description and explanation of what it shows.

3. Use CIA World Factbook to create a list of 8 countries and the data for that country related to your indicator. Are there any patterns? Are there any that do not fit a pattern? Why might this be? Some of you will be able to create a graph to show the data you have researched.

4. Finish your PowerPoint with 3-5 bullet points that summarise what you found out about your development indicator.

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