Friday, 6 February 2009

The snow returns with a vengeance!

It was about 10pm last night when a friend of mine said to turn on Sky News where the breaking news was that 200 cars were trapped on Haldon Hill! This is an area where two roads - the A38 from Plymouth, and the A380 from the Torbay area (including my home town of Teignmouth) - come together at the bottom of a very steep hill. Okehampton experienced 22inches (55cm) over Thursday evening and today. The speed at which the snow fell and quickly settled took everyone by surprise!
Snow brings another day of chaos

Here's some pictures from Germansweek (from Mr Palmer) and Okehampton (from Mr Smith - Science)!



Mrs Fairley has taken these photos of her garden at different times after the snow started falling in Okehampton!

10pm Thursday Evening

6:45am Friday Morning
10:30am Friday Morning
Again, any more photos from staff and students welcome!

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