Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tony Cassidy's pop up model of a hurricane

On Monday morning (before we were all sent home because of the snow!), my year 11 class had a go at Tony Cassidy's hurricane model.
I took the opportunity to try our my Flip video and digital camera! Check out the following footage to see the results. Students do have their coats on due to the sub zero temperatures we were faced with on Monday morning, before my heating kicked in! At the end of the lesson, students explained the formation of a hurricane to the person next to them as no one would volunteer to be videoed explaining their models. Fortunately, I managed to catch Jack's explanation!

I also photographed Rudi's and Ness's as examples of the finished article...

With thanks to Tony Cassidy for sharing this lesson.


Tony Cassidy said...

Wow... well done. Hope you enjoyed putting it together, despite the cold and still being in school.

Best wishes


RA said...

That looked really good. I might have to give it a go sometime. The pupils seemed to respond really well. I can see you're making good use of your new gizmo.
Enjoy your snow day.
Speak soon.